Saturday, May 3, 2014

There seems to be some debate as to whether there will be life after peak oil

It is hard to say. 

If we follow the Cuba model there will be a good life similar to what we have now but we will be using a lot less energy. That would be the ideal model to follow. But looking at history when societies have run out of their energy source they have degraded into war and nearly totally destroyed themselves. Easter island, Anastazi and the Maya all collapsed. 

What will the archeologists of tomorrow say about our society. I would like to think that our society would contract back to something like the 1950’s in my lifetime. Before the car culture where we road bicycles to school and walked a lot more. Factory farming and globalization will be dead and like Cuba, farming and growing food will be very important. We will have a return to family farming and commune living in small eco-villages. 

I hope the internet will survive but I don’t think so. It came into existence as part of the oil economy and when oil goes so will the internet. If we follow the Cuba model there will be more emphasis on schooling and health with everything decentralized to the local level. Everything will be closer either within walking distance or biking distance. And hopefully our society will survive. 

Cities will slowly contract with people moving into the countryside. Large cities are not sustainable without oil so they will contract. I hope our society will survive but it is debatable. Mankind loves war and if the oil wars take over the future we could be doomed with the leftovers of western society living in caves. 

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