Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Megacities have grown as we have became more reliant on cheap oil but those days are numbered.

    Megacities have grown as we have became more reliant on cheap oil but those days are numbered. With cities, food has to be brought in and as the price of oil keeps going up, food will start to get more expensive. So the cities that are surrounded by farmland that grows food to supply the city will survive.
    The cities in the Pearl River Delta in China are all surrounded by farmland so those cities will survive, except for Hong Kong. Hong Kong is just a rock and according to the TV it gets 90% of its food from China. Also their water comes from China but they seem to forget they are at the end of the pipeline and if China has water problems Hong Kong will have problems also.
     I’m at the China Trade Fair in Guangzhou and the complex used to have farmland across the road but now the fair complex is so big it just swallowed it up. Also China has the One Child Policy and that has put a serious dent in child poverty, and I would say one of the reasons there are no big slums in China. Actually I have not seen any slums in China. But then again I have never been very far out of the big cities.
     I think Guangzhou’s big mistake was banning the motorcycle as well as the electric motorcycle and the three-wheel motorcycle cart. I saw the police rounding up motorcycles the other day. I hope, as the price of oil gets more expensive they will change the law and bring them back.
     Traffic jams are not a serious problem here. As they re-engineered the city traffic jams are a thing of the past. Actually the traffic is a lot better than it was 4 years ago. And they now have the subway.  

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