Monday, March 24, 2014

2012 Came Early For Japan

Natural disasters have plagued mankind from the time we lived in a cave. But in my lifetime the March 11 disaster was one of the greats, mainly because it had the best coverage of all disasters on TV. I was utterly amazed at the numbers of people that weren’t killed. Just watching the waves rolling over the countryside I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I saw this amazing shot of this huge wave bearing down on this little village and I thought about the Minoans. Archeologists have said they were taken out by huge tsunami waves and it was only then that I realized has bad it would have been, except there they had no warning. 

Earthquakes on a coastline are a double-edged sword. The first thing you want to do is get out of the building, but that is the last thing you should do. Now I think because of that disaster I’d be very reluctant to leave a high building because I do live pretty close to the sea. I’d be running upstairs while most people would be heading downstairs. 

It seems that our modern cities are no match for mother nature. It was the same for the Minoans. They were the greatest empire on the planet and in less than a day they were reduced to rubble. It just goes to show our civilization, as great as it is could be wiped out in the blink of an eye. Then we would be back to hunter gather if we wont to survive. And the chances of surviving being a survivor after a disaster like that would be pretty slim.
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Peter Legrove
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  1. How Would You Survive A Japanese Style Disaster
    If this disaster happens again in the future after the world has started to come unglued you can’t really expect any aid to come rolling in. One of the reasons the survivors are surviving is because of the local and international aid that is flowing into the disaster zone. My usual suggestion of saving seeds would be nearly useless as most if not all the seeds would be wet. So what do you do? If you have dry seeds and plenty of them you could live of sprouts until you get yourself together. I’d suggest setting up a few pot plants to let the plants go to seed so you’ll have more seeds. But that takes time. In this situation you’d be looking at animals like rabbits and sheep. Or something along those lines. If a disaster of this magnitude happens in autumn you would need to live of animals during the winter. And then hopefully get some vegetables in the ground.